Seasonal/Temp Lumber Mills Employees


Posted: 5/5/2022

Position: Production Worker

Job Number: 2016

Job Description

In need of individuals looking for some seasonal work that will last a few months (hire-on possible for the right candidates) to work at a local wood mill in Hamilton. You would be doing general production of lumber, clean up, and preping product for shipment. This job is Mon-Thurs (4 10's) starting at 715am in the mornings. You are paid every Friday with no waiting week! If you are interested please contact us immediately. Job starts right after you finish your paperwork! This is a great position for college students on break or if you need 3 day weekends, or even if you just want to squirrel away some money for some summer fun!


Be to work every day, show up on time with a positive attitude, have reliable transportation, be ready to work, and do your part on the team to get the job done. Other than that, there are no background checks or drug screens required for this position.

To apply for this position, click the link below or contact the local office at (360) 755-1281


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