Do You Need to Hire Staff in 2024?

Posted on 12/07 by Erin Helms

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2024 is rapidly approaching. Do you need to hire staff? If your company does need to hire staff in 2024, remember the future is for those who can adapt and innovate. Here are considerations for hiring in 2024.

The Competition for Cross-Industry Talent Will Be Intense

Tech is still the go-to industry for job seekers. Healthcare and financial services are catching up. Many vocations are in high demand across all sectors. In 2024, top candidates will be weighing offers from various industries. If you will hire in 2024, please understand that your hiring process must be quick and practical to stay ahead.

The Market Still Favors the Candidate

We are in a job seeker's market. Many workers throughout the country are planning to switch jobs in 2024. Talent will be available, but you must be able to attract it. You must provide an offer that matches or surpasses the competition.

Employee Retention is Crucial

Currently, there are more jobs available than job seekers. Expectations are that this tendency will continue in 2024. Manufacturing is booming. Unfortunately, voluntary separations outnumber layoffs and discharges. Retention is the overlooked factor in the current talent shortage. How do you retain talent in 2024? You invest in competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and clear career paths for top performers.

AI Can Be an Opportunity to Upskill Your Team

There is much conversation about artificial intelligence (AI). Cast your fears to the side because your employees will not become obsolete. Expect your team to work alongside AI and benefit from its ability to handle routine and often mundane tasks. AI can draft emails and social media posts, but communications professionals must review and fine-tune the results. AI can handle repetitive tasks in manufacturing and logistics like inventory management and freeing up employees to focus on complex tasks. AI can allow your employees to upskill and reskill to take on higher-level responsibilities while adding additional value to your operations.

Consider Partnering With a Staffing Agency for a Competitive Edge

If you plan to hire quality employees in 2024, partnering with a staffing agency is an excellent option. A staffing partner is crucial as companies diversify their hiring pools, beef up their candidate pipelines and explore adaptable hiring models. A partner like LaborMAX can provide on-demand talent, allowing you to quickly fill roles and avoid the risks and costs typically associated with recruiting permanent employees. Let the team at LaborMAX give you a competitive edge in the talent market.

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