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Posted on 12/28 by Erin Helms

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Now, there are more jobs than ever before. Unfortunately, these jobs are not always easy to find. Finding a job you can feel good about with your skills and personality is essential. It is a job seekers market, and here are some tips for finding employment.

Tidy up Your Resume

When seeking employment, the first thing to do is to ensure your resume is correct and updated. Clearly outline critical contact information. Ask yourself what the company wants in an ideal candidate. Make sure your experience aligns with what they seek. Check your resume for any grammatical errors.

Use Social Media

Finding employment means being proactive and using tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Be sure to put your resume on your LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date with your most current information. You can associate with recruiters on social media and follow a company of your choice on Twitter to see if they post new job opportunities. Construct a professional page on Facebook or Twitter and promote it.

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the social media platform for job searching. You can look for available positions and apply directly from your profile. You can learn more about a company and reach out to people who work there. Of course, an established network on LinkedIn can help you find new opportunities. Set up alerts for the specific types of jobs and companies that interest you.

Catch up With Old Bosses and Colleagues

Staying in contact with people you know can help you find a job. You never know. A former supervisor or colleague might be looking for someone with experience, and it never hurts to mention you are available.

Attend Networking Events

Networking events are an amazing opportunity to meet new people and possibly land a job. The best part? These events are free, so you can attend them as often as you desire. Deciding how much energy and time you wish to invest in a job hunt would be best. Frequent networking events are beneficial when starting but can be exhausting in the long-term.

Consider Internships

Internships can move you to the front of the line when job searching. These internships cost nothing, are beneficial, and can easily lead to a full-time job after the internship. Demonstrating initiative during an internship and genuine interest in the opportunity is crucial. Internships can also offer networking opportunities.

Consider a Staffing Agency

Temporary employment with a reputable staffing agency is an excellent way to secure a job. A staffing agency like LaborMAX can find jobs that may not be available by tapping into their network of employers. LaborMAX has temporary, temporary-to-hire, and full-time employment opportunities. Let them help you.

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