Beat the Heat: 10 Tips to Stay Cool While Working in the Hot Weather

Posted on 05/18 by Erin Helms

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The summer is coming, and along with it, extreme heat. For warehouse and manufacturing employees, staying cool is a crucial challenge. There are ways to ensure your employees stay cool this summer while working in the heat. Here are some tips.

Change Your Dress Code

A change in the weather requires a difference in the dress code. If your employees wear uniforms, purchase uniforms designed for heat. Consider uniforms made of light and breathable materials. If this is outside the budget, allow your team to wear more lightweight clothes.

Provide Water

Create a station so you and your employees can get water when needed. Water will keep employees and visitors hydrated. Let your employees bring spray bottles to work to spray cool water on their skin if they get hot. You can also place cold water in buckets. Employees can keep the buckets near their workstations for splashing their bodies or dunking their heads. Lack of water causes dehydration, which risks employees fainting near heavy and dangerous machinery.

Cooling Vests

Consider investing in a cooling vest. A cooling vest has ice blocks in the pockets to keep employees' skin cool. The ice will melt, so you must refreeze them whenever this happens. These vests are particularly effective when you lack an effective HVAC system in your facility.

Temperature Control

Close doors when not in use to conserve cool air. You can open windows if it increases the cool breeze flow. Consider installing screen doors to increase airflow.

Remind Employees to Watch Their Diet

The hot season is the worst time to eat fried or fatty meals. You will feel heavy. Opt for lighter meals that contain fruits and vegetables—no need to become a vegetarian. Just tone down the heavy meals to allow your body to digest them. Fruits and vegetables also contain water in them to help keep you hydrated.

Frequent Breaks

Use breaks to rehydrate. If possible, urge workers to spend breaks in a cool atmosphere to cool their body temperature. If you skip breaks, you risk your and your employees' health. The heat is no time to miss a break.

Cool Your Facilities

You might need more than an air conditioner if you work in a large warehouse or manufacturing plant. High-volume and low-speed fans are outstanding because they cool large areas and are cheaper than air conditioners.

Avoid Caffeinated Beverages

Tea, coffee, energy drinks, and caffeinated soft drinks can contribute to dehydration.

Boost Electrolytes

If possible, keep electrolyte replacement beverages on hand. Gatorade or Powerade can help you feel rejuvenated and prevent muscle cramps and headaches.

Keep Energy Levels Up

Keep up energy levels. Provide small snacks in the morning and the afternoon. Cheese, nuts, and fruit can help your team keep going in hot conditions. Let LaborMAX provide your facility with top-notch employees.

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