General Labor: Do You Have What It Takes?

Posted on 11/24 by Erin Helms

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General labor is crucial for all companies. Most employers need at least one employee who can perform general work, and it is a role that is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. There is always a high demand for talented individuals to fill the need for general labor. Are you interested in working in general labor? You probably have questions and concerns regarding your abilities and if you have the skills employers seek. Here are skills that most general labor positions require.

Time Management

As a general laborer, you will have multiple tasks to handle. As such, you will need a wide variety of skills. Time management is an essential skill for all general laborers. There is a chance you will have minimal supervision, so you must be a self-starter who can stay motivated working independently. Time management skills help you move through your to-do list with efficiency and help you be more productive. These skills will help you stay on task and work with confidence.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

General labor requires individuals with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. General laborers often work independently. Working alone requires that you be able to solve problems that will surely arise so you can complete your various assigned tasks. Think critically about the tasks on your list and discover new solutions for achieving them. The result of critical thinking is better productivity and efficiency.

Communication Skills

Any job requires excellent communication skills. You must be skilled in face-to-face communication with supervisors and coworkers. You must also be adept at written communication to inform people about progress, issues, or other concerns. It is not uncommon for an employer to expect you to offer updates or reports at the end of a shift or to communicate with coworkers about what work remains after your shift.

Technological Literacy

It helps to have technological know-how no matter what the job. As a general laborer, you must know how to use a computer and smartphone. This knowledge should go beyond the ability to send your supervisor an email. You may have tasks that require the use of a computer or specialized equipment you must know how to operate.

Strength, Endurance, Hand-Eye Coordination

General labor often entails physical activity, so you must be up to the physical task. Strength and endurance are usually required because you might be doing heavy lifting or walking around a plant for hours. Hand-eye coordination is essential too. With experience, you can develop these physical attributes like any other skill. Do you have what it takes to do general labor? If you do, LaborMAX can help you! LaborMAX has temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire opportunities for industrial cleaners, laborers, machine operators, warehouse workers, and others.

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