Are There Any Benefits to Using a Job Search App?

Posted on 03/28 by Erin Helms

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Have you ever felt frustrated by trying to reach customer service on a website or phone call, only to have your attention shifted to a chatbot or automated system? Why would you want to use an app for your job searching needs when you can talk to a person instead? We are firmly in the digital age, but there’s something really helpful and supportive about working with an actual person Consider the pros and cons of job apps compared to the benefits of working with a staffing firm, like LaborMAX, during your job search.

Job apps are One-way Conversations

Any questions you might have about a job posting you find online will be submitted to a chatbot, which has certain scripted answers to utilize when trying to answer your inquiry. If you have a specific question, odds are you won’t be satisfied with the results your question returns.

Applying on Apps can be Like Drinking From a Fire Hose

Unless you have a detailed, dedicated system for tracking all your applications, the ease with which people can apply for dozens of ads in a single afternoon means you might forget what the job was if you get called for an interview.

If You’re Applying, so are Other People

How can you possibly stand out from a crowd, especially if a job sounds too good to be true? You’ve become the proverbial needle in a haystack and no one’s using a magnet to find you.

What Can A Staffing Agency Do That an App Can't?

Now let’s consider the benefits of working with a staffing firm, like LaborMAX to help you find that perfect job.

Personalized Attention

When you work with a staffing agency, you’ll have people who want to help you find a great job that fits your interests and needs. You’ll have conversations and meetings with recruiters who want to know you and who want to understand your background and skills in order to find a job opportunity that will be a good match for your future.

We Know What our Clients are Looking for

We form deep relationships with our clients, understanding exactly what they look for in a successful candidate. That means we can help you find a job that’s a good fit for you.

Think of us as Career Coaches

We can help you polish up your resume to allow your skills and experiences to shine, making you a more attractive candidate to our clients. We can even help provide skills training to help you learn new abilities while looking for a job! Can a job app do that? Nope.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

We’ll check in with you regularly to see how your search is going and we’ll notify you when a new request that matches your skills comes in.

LaborMAX Wants to put You Back to Work

If you’re ready to try a staffing agency, it’s time to contact LaborMAX. Take a look at our website and see which jobs are available that might be a good fit for you.

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