Finding a job in 2022 - Reinventing Yourself

Posted on 03/29 by Erin Helms

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If you want to find a satisfying job in 2022, it might be time to reinvent yourself. Reinventing your career can lead you to enrichment and self-actualization. It would help if you embraced the struggle because this is by no means an easy path. It takes hard work and a willingness to accept challenges along the way. To reinvent yourself in 2022 and find a job, try these tips.


It is vital that you stop for a moment before introducing the stress of a job hunt into your life. Take time to let your thoughts wander and allow yourself reflection. For effectiveness, try to block out all distractions and useless time fillers. Stop binge-watching television and quit looking at social media. When you block out all noise, your intuition will start to whisper ideas that get you excited.

Be Clear About What Is Working for Your Now

To understand what you want, it is crucial that you know what you do not want. What is the true reason for leaving your current role? Is it micromanagement or a lack of development opportunities? If the answer is not immediately apparent, pay close attention to how you feel emotionally and physically throughout your workday. Is there a specific thing about your job that makes you feel dissatisfied? Write down the source of the frustration and identify the factors that are a non-starter for you professionally.

A Value Assessment

This assessment will help you determine what you do want. Write down what comes to mind about your values and priorities and how you wish to devote most of your time at work and in life. Consider what you want, such as particular benefits, a mentorship program, or the opportunity to lead a team. Make a list and determine what values are important to you and show up in your daily life.

Find Work That Flows

Consider making a list of your work tasks for a week. Note which tasks make time fly and which ones pass excruciatingly slow. Pay particular attention to the kinds of work you most enjoy and find a role that often allows you to do these activities. You may wish to join a larger organization that has the resources to delegate tasks to others and focus on what you do well and enjoy.

Determine Your Direction

As you consider jobs, do not stop with the things that have brought satisfaction in the past. Ask yourself what direction you are trying to head with your career. Think about the skills you would like to learn and let go of opportunities that do not allow you to learn and grow. Move beyond thinking about what you can bring to a job and consider what options the job can bring to you.

Use Your Network

Once you figure out the role you want, the work culture you wish to be associated with, and what you have to offer, it is time to determine what opportunities exist. Activate your network to see how your needs match the roles and companies you wish to pursue. Do not feel intimidated about using your network. Finding a job through connections is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the pandemic. Do not jump straight into talking about your job search if it has been a while. Rebuild your relationships first.

Consider a Career Coach

A career coach's unbiased opinion and professional help might be what you need. If you want to land somewhere where you will feel more fulfilled, a coach with knowledge in your field can help make your job search a strategic one. Coaches can help you with job search, networking strategy and resume reviews.

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