Setting 2023 Career Goals for Your Team

Posted on 01/05 by Erin Helms

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Goal setting is a challenging part of management. However, great things start with goals. It is advisable to set difficult yet achievable goals. As we approach 2023, the development and progress of your organization depend on goals. Here are ways to set effective goals with your team.

Start Small

The most effective first step of goal-setting is to start small. If you take on more than you and your team can handle, you might find yourselves discouraged. You can break big goals down into smaller goals that are achievable. It is great to have a long-term plan. However, make sure you set attainable stepping stones along the way.

Write the Goals Down

Have your team write goals down. This process will help them commit their goals to memory. Next, post the plans in a visible location to help keep them in mind. You do not need to be particular regarding how or where your team posts goals. It might be on a sticky note or a whiteboard. Just be sure your team has the tools to work how and when they want.

Set Measurable Goals

A goal is only meaningful if you have a way of measuring it. It is simple to speak a plan into existence. However, do you have a way to measure the goal? A goal must be quantifiable. Consider setting SMART goals: Specific. The goals must be clear. Measurable. How will you measure progress? Attainable. If you can’t achieve it, you are wasting your time. Relevant. Make sure goals align with business objectives. Time-based. Set a reasonable time frame for your purposes.

Follow Up

Most goals tend to be long-term. As such, they require frequent check-ins. Try to meet with your team at least once a week to gauge the progress of your goals. During these meetings with your team, it is crucial to listen to your team members. If a team member is struggling, ask how you can help and offer plenty of encouragement.

Provide Incentives

When your team achieves goals, it feels good. A proper incentive structure promotes progress through rewards that vary by goals and team dynamics. Your team might benefit from competition or collaboration.

Praise Success

Recognition of a job well done is a simple but highly effective gesture. Always praise each team member who achieves their goals. Do it in front of peers to make it even more special. Consider holding a short team meeting each month to review goals met and to recognize the employees who achieved the goals. Ask these employees what they learned in the process so they can share it with the wider team.

Set Goals As a Team

If your team accomplishes a goal, do not stop. Remember that each goal is a mile marker towards bigger goals. Stop setting goals, and you will stagnate in pursuing greater goals. You might line up several goals or develop a new one each time you check one off a list. The important thing is keeping the goal in your team’s sights. As your employees meet goals, ask for their help setting new goals. LaborMAX can help you add flexibility to your workforce!

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