How to Decline a Job Offer Properly

Posted on 09/14 by Erin Helms

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There are many reasons we decline job offers. Perhaps the salary needed to be higher, there was a disconnect between you and a possible future manager, or it needed to be a better cultural fit. It is appropriate to decline a job offer. In today’s market, professionals often get more than one offer, so someone must get turned down. What is wrong is to disappear. It would help if you declined a job offer properly. Here is how.

Email or Call?

Sending an email to decline a job offer is acceptable and expected. However, speaking to the hiring manager or recruiter directly over the phone is a more considerate way to decline a job offer. It also provides a personal touch. This manager invested much time with you throughout the interview process and is likely excited about you joining the team. Afraid to call? Might you get stuck during the call? Write down what you want to say in advance, and use your notes to keep you focused. If you are still trying to reach them on the phone, email them immediately to avoid further hiring delays. You can add in your letter that you wanted to catch them on the phone but had to settle for a phone call.

Avoid Procrastination When Replying

When you decline a job offer, do not hesitate to contact the employer to inform them of your decision. It is a courteous action to take. By promptly letting the company know your decision, you help them move forward. This gracious gesture is also a time to show appreciation for the offer.

Send a Simple and Direct Email

When declining a job offer, you must be straightforward and honest in your message. Avoid going overboard with excessive compliments about the job, the company, or the people with whom you interact. State what needs to be said as respectfully and succinctly as possible and avoid being emotional.

Express Appreciation

Be sure to thank the hiring manager. Thank them not only for extending the job offer but also for their time throughout the entire process. Maintain a tone of gratitude as you write your letter or email.

Provide a Reason but Not a Specific One

People decline job offers for multiple reasons. A company might not offer you the compensation you seek, you are not sure you can work with the hiring manager, or you are not excited about the company. All of these reasons are justifiable to decline a job offer. However, please do not include them in your rejection letter. It is sufficient to state that you have accepted a job offer elsewhere or that the offer is not for you.

Consider Staying in Touch

There is always the chance that you connect with the hiring manager, but the job could be a better fit for other reasons. Consider staying in touch with this hiring manager and providing additional contact information. Remember, you are not obligated to provide this information when you turn down an offer. But this can be an opportunity to build your professional network. Let the team at LaborMAX help you do what you do best. Put your warehousing, distribution, labor, construction, skilled trades, or traffic control skills to work in a job that helps you boost your career.

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