5 Benefits of Working with Warehouse Temp Agencies

Posted on 08/17 by Emma Cercone

In a warehouse setting, demand fluctuates regularly. Some months or quarters, you’re slammed. Others, you’re not so busy. And that can make for a challenging hiring environment. Warehouse HR departments routinely struggle to make sure the facility is staffed properly for each season without going overbudget – or finding that they don’t have enough workers on hand when they need them.

What Can Be Done?

Warehouse temp agencies specialize in finding qualified manufacturing and light industrial candidates to staff your warehouse operations. And utilizing temporary staffing services in this manner means you maintain the adequate staffing you need without the need to commit to hiring full-time employees. But that’s not the only benefit. Let’s take a closer look at five major benefits of working with a warehouse temp agency.

#1: Warehouse Recruiting Specialists Enhance Hiring Quality

One hazard of going about the talent search on your own is the risk of a bad hire. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a bad hire can cost a company as much as $240,000 in some cases. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid that if you can. When you partner with a warehouse staffing agency, you’re mitigating the risk by ensuring that you’re bringing on vetted, qualified, and experienced temporary talent. Because agencies make a point of conducting thorough background checks and screenings that improve the quality of the candidates you’re presented with, you can rest assured the candidates you add to your team fit with your organization – and you don’t have to worry about a costly hiring mistake.

#2: Fill Temporary Warehouse Jobs Quickly

In this industry, there’s no telling when a new project will abruptly arise, or when a swath of warehouse workers will leave suddenly. These unpredictable events can leave you scrambling, with unexpected job orders on your plate that need to be filled – fast. Another big benefit of working with a warehouse temp agency is that your recruiting partner can quickly source candidates to fill those openings. Professional staffing firms have access to a large pool of potential candidates that already have the background, experience, and skills you need. This means the hiring process can be completed quickly, getting you the talent you need on the production floor in a tight timeframe. That kind of speed in the hiring process is something you simply can’t accomplish on your own.

#3: Staff Your Warehouse for Peak-Season

If your warehouse is like most, you have a typical peak season where you’re busier than usual – and therefore you need more staff than usual. It’s the perfect time to utilize temporary staffing services. Working closely with a warehouse staffing agency means you can get help right when you need it, because it’s available whenever you call. But there’s another benefit of working with an agency, too: you can work together to predict your staffing needs ahead of time, planning ahead to make sure you have the extra help by the time peak season rolls around. Streamlining and simplifying your staffing in this manner makes for less headaches and continued, seamless production.

#4: Reduce Burnout Among Your Full-Time Laborers

Here’s a benefit of working with a temporary staffing service that you might not have considered: It can help reduce the likelihood of burnout – and turnover – among your full-time workforce. When things get busy at the warehouse and you don’t have additional temporary staff to help support your full-time laborers, the burden falls on them. And over time, they’ll start to burnout from overwork and long hours. Support your existing staff by utilizing temporary warehouse labor, and you’ll keep your full-time team members happy and fulfilled. You’ll be building a more resilient workforce while reducing your turnover rate at the same time.

#5: Warehouse Temp Agencies are Cost Effective

Another important benefit of working with warehouse temp agencies? They absorb numerous hiring expenses for you as an employer. To put it simply, it’s a cost-effective move. And because the talent acquisition process is somewhat notorious for resulting in rogue spending, your operation can definitely benefit from using the services of skilled recruiters. Here are some of the ways that a temp agency can help you cut down on expenses:

No Worker’s Comp Costs

Because temporary employees remain on the staffing agency’s payroll – not yours – the agency will take care of workers’ compensation claims in the case of an accident or injury. You don’t have to worry about this kind of unexpected expense when you partner with an agency. That’s good for your peace of mind and your bottom line as well.

Reduce Payroll Expenses

Workers’ comp claims aren’t the only kind of expense that will be taken off your plate when you join forces with a warehouse staffing firm. Payrolling expenses – paycheck distribution, tax withholdings, unemployment, and more – are also absorbed by the firm. Plus, the agency will mail out necessary tax forms like 1099s and handle any inquiries from the IRS or other government agencies. This is a huge employment expense and time burden offloaded from your business, and it frees up your HR or administrative teams to focus on other core business objectives, too.

Lower Benefits Costs

The staffing firm will provide the temporary employees working for you with benefits, including things like health insurance, disability insurance, and even paid time off in some cases. Since benefits tend to be one of the bigger labor expenses out there, taking this off your warehouse operation’s plate completely equals big financial savings.

Partner with LaborMax for Exceptional Warehouse Staffing Services

Looking to hire qualified temporary or permanent light industrial and warehouse talent? LaborMAX is the warehouse temp agency to turn to for help. Our warehouse staffing services, including temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire staffing, and payrolling give you all the benefits described above: get better talent, fill open jobs quickly, ramp up staffing for peak season, reduce burnout amongst your team, and save money on labor costs. Ready to get started? Contact our recruitment team today to learn more about LaborMAX and how we can help solve your staffing challenges.

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