Parts of Your Job Application Were Left Blank; Now What?

Posted on 05/05 by Erin Helms

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Online applications are the norm these days. Unfortunately, these high-tech forms that simplify the recruiting and application process often fall short of this goal. The unhappy truth is that hiring managers often receive online applications that are incomplete or even abandoned entirely. So what is the problem? People are clicking on your job posting and starting to fill them out. But suddenly, something goes awry. Applicants begin giving up and skipping whole sections. A shockingly low number is completing the application. The complications are slowing down your recruiting process. You can improve the situation. Try these tips the next time an applicant leaves parts of your job application blank.

Re-Check the Instructions

Job candidates want a simple application process. They want the process from start to finish to be straightforward. Applicants do not want to figure out what to do next. Go back a check your application. Are your instructions as straightforward as possible? Consider letting someone outside the HR staff try the application process out themselves to see if it makes sense. Someone's fresh perspective can help you locate and hopefully fix the problems.

Make the Application Simple

Understandably, you want to know as much as possible about a candidate. You want to know about their background and possibly get a sample of their personality. You construct an elaborate, multistep application process and scare people off. Take a look at the application and decide if it is too complicated. If numerous sections require a significant amount of time, job seekers will go elsewhere.

Go Easy With Essay Questions

An essay question can tell you much about a candidate. These questions allow you to get information not included on their resumes. You can also get a sample of their writing ability. The problem here is that essay questions take a considerable amount of time. If you require too many essay questions, you will increase the number of incomplete job applications. As a rule, limit these types of questions to critical topics. Additionally, provide a reasonable word limit that allows candidates to keep responses short and to the point.

Use a Multi-Phase Process

The majority of candidates can be eliminated based on their resumes and cover letters. So, there is no need for an intricate process for each initial applicant. Avoid making applicants do everything at once. Keep the initial application short, but keep it meaningful enough for you to cut applicants. Next, contact those who seem the most qualified and provide them with a second phase.

Automate If Possible

Technology is a great thing, so let it do some of your work. Most candidate information is available in a resume. The software can extract this valuable information automatically. These tracking systems can track specific keywords, making it easier to determine if the candidate has the necessary skills or competencies. These programs accelerate your search and make the process easier for applicants. Work with a premier staffing partner like LaborMAX and let us simplify the hiring process for you and keep your team fully staffed when it counts.

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