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Posted on 05/26 by Erin Helms

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How you communicate to your co-workers or boss sends messages about your degree of commitment to your job, your concern in helping others and being a collaborator. The following phrases might be familiar to you. Remember them and try to make each one off-limits if you want to be a responsible professional employee.

“That Is Not My Problem”

Guess what? If it transpires in your organization, it is your problem. Even if it does not fall under your job description, you can still be part of the solution. Your tone and this hand-off indicate that you do not care. Instead of stating that it is not your problem, consider suggesting another employee with experience in the area of concern.

“This May Be a Stupid Idea But…”

Do you qualify your ideas or apologize for your opinions and suggestions? Break this habit now. Statements like “I’m sorry if this is wrong” or “I know this probably does not make sense, but…” indicate no confidence in your value or ideas.

“I Told You So”

When you say this to a colleague who tried something that did not work, you are petty, spiteful and rude. There is absolutely nothing in this statement that adds value, contributes or offers constructive criticism. When submitting feedback, praise them for at least trying and provide insights that might help them with their approach moving forward. Avoiding this statement is particularly crucial for managers who do not wish to stifle creativity, innovation and problem-solving.

“It’s the Way We Have Always Done It”

This common workplace phrase contributes absolutely nothing to a conversation other than telling everyone you are not a forward-thinking employee. This phrase indicates something is not working, so the sensible thing is to find a new approach. The phrase suggests you are reluctant to find new answers and disinterested in getting things right.

“I’m Very Busy”

So is everyone else! If you are unusually busy or have extra tasks on your plate, let your colleagues know. Be sincere with them about when they can expect your response time on things you are working on together. You do not want your co-workers to view you as someone too busy to be bothered. Your colleagues will likely develop resentment toward you.

“I Don’t Care”

This one speaks for itself, and it is not hard to understand how this statement could come across poorly to your boss and co-workers. Realistically, you probably do not have a personal stake in everything at your company. However, how you voice this lack of concern matters here. LaborMAX can help you secure jobs where you can earn a living, build skills, and get in touch with employers who are hiring.

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