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Posted on 06/23 by Erin Helms

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In the United States, high temperature is one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths. Heat-related illnesses can occur in short periods of exposure, and everyone is vulnerable, particularly young children, older adults, persons with persistent medical conditions, and pregnant women. So, what can you do when the heat rises in your community? Here is how to stay safe.

Pay Attention to Weather Reports

The most straightforward yet important thing you can do to stay safe during the summer months is to stay informed regarding the weather. When you know what is coming, you have a significant advantage. You can plan to stay inside on those days when the temperature will be high. When the weather is not unbearably hot, go outside and enjoy golf, tennis or swimming.

Take Care of Children and Pets

Children and pets are exceptionally vulnerable to high temperatures and heat-related deaths among this group is not uncommon. NEVER leave behind children and pets in enclosed vehicles on hot summer days. Avoid locking them in small rooms without access to air conditioning or at least a fan to circulate air. Watch them as carefully as you can and pay attention to their breathing and general behavior.

Stay Hydrated

You can stay hydrated by drinking water, sports drinks, low-sugar fruit juice and fruit smoothies. You and your family must have access to fresh, clean water that is cold.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

A good thing about summer is the afternoons at the pool and evenings on patios. Alcohol is often a part of these activities. It is OK to enjoy a cold drink on a hot day. However, drinking to excess can be a significant problem in the heat. Alcohol dehydrates your body, making you thirsty even when consuming fluids. As you recover from drinking to excess, you will have difficulty staying energetic and alert. So, consider cutting back on alcohol when the weather heats up.

Ease up on Caffeine

Caffeine is a simple, highly accessible drug with the power to help us stay energized even if bored or tired. Warm weather can be a problem for those who love caffeine. Hot temperatures demand that we stay hydrated. Failure to do so puts us in danger of dehydration. Caffeine, like alcohol, dehydrates the body, so try to cut back on your consumption of coffee, tea, soda and other caffeinated beverages.

Eat Small Meals

If you pay attention to health trends, you know that it is better from a weight maintenance perspective to eat several small meals per day instead of a few large meals. Small meals keep you energized. Small meals also prevent you from overheating, making you lethargic and more challenging to participate in physical activity. During the hottest days, we struggle and feel more tired than usual. Do not add to the problem by eating a few big meals. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. LaborMAX has multiple jobs available to use your skills in various industries, including warehousing and distribution, general labor, construction and skilled trades.

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