Turn Rejection Into Your Favor

Posted on 05/25 by Erin Helms

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Job rejection is upsetting, demoralizing and frustrating. It can be difficult to handle rejection and deal with regrettable news. But job rejection is not the time to quit. There are many possible reasons for rejection, so do not take it personally. You can turn rejection in your favor. Read on.

Write a Thank You Note

Always write a thank you note after an interview. Writing one after being rejected demonstrates your professionalism while giving you another opportunity to pitch yourself to a potential employer. When writing the note, try to identify the employer's specific needs and describe in the message how you will fulfill those needs. If they give you a reason for rejection, address the issue directly.

Ask for Feedback

If you did not get the job, there is no reason you cannot request feedback. Avoid the “Why didn't I get the job” questions because an employer will not respond well. Ask focused, strategic questions. It will allow you to focus on what is missing.

Never Burn a Bridge

You will gain nothing from a job interview if you walk away resentfully. Put a positive spin on the situation. Reach out to the people you connect with and add them on LinkedIn. You have expanded your network, and they might have another opportunity more suited to your skills. A graceful approach will help ease your mind while giving an employer a positive impression of you.

Apply for a Training Program or Internship

If a company rejects you for a job, another way you can get your foot into the door is to demonstrate that you are willing to learn. Managers seek candidates with a positive attitude. Some companies host training programs for entry-level employees and career changers who want to enter another field. Show your motivation by asking about a training program. If there is no training program, ask about an internship. If you are determined to work for the company, it is time to be flexible and creative. Your determination alone might change a hiring manager’s mind.


Be realistic. Was the interview terrible, or was your application weak to begin with? You must ask yourself questions if you are coming up short in interviews. It might be time to upskill. There are countless free and low-cost online courses. Volunteer work is great if you need more experience in a particular area.

Ask About a Temporary Role

Companies take on temporary staff. These are people whom the company trusts to fulfill a given role on short notice. Don’t feel bad about asking about such positions, particularly if you impressed the company in the selection process. Perform well here and build your network within the company. You might be a permanent employee soon. Speaking of temporary or full-time jobs, the professional staff at LaborMAX can help you advance your career!

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