Do You Struggle with the "Sunday Scaries"?

Posted on 04/28 by Erin Helms

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Do you experience feelings of intense anxiety and dread that routinely occur every Sunday? If yes, you might be struggling with the Sunday scaries. The emotions typically begin in the late afternoon and continue into the evening. Depending on the anxiety level, these feelings may start as soon as someone rises from the bed. This condition is often described as a pit in the stomach that progresses as the day wears on. The manifestations might include: Racing heartbeat Sweating Difficulty breathing Upset stomach Trouble sleeping Headache The condition is common, and most people have experienced the feelings at one point or another. It is a normal reaction to adjusting to different roles and changes. Thankfully, you can beat the Sunday scaries and start enjoying your entire weekend again.

How to Handle the Sunday Scaries

It is time to start enjoying your Sundays to the fullest. Here are some practical tips for beating the Sunday scaries: Change your thinking. Try to be mindful of the thoughts in your head. Replace the negative thoughts with positive, encouraging statements. Create a Sunday night routine. Your body craves consistency and a pattern. Create a Sunday night routine by watching your favorite shows or cooking a special meal. Monday morning perks. Grab a good cup of coffee from a coffee shop or listen to a podcast on your Monday morning commute. Get some rest. Establish a regular time for bed every Sunday night. Adequate sleep can help you feel your best the next week to start the week off the right way. Visualize better times. Trick your mind into calming down by walking calmly through your day in your mind. Turn on the "off" sign. If possible, avoid work during the weekend to allow yourself to recharge for the coming week. Work Sunday projects. Engage your mind. Do meal prep, put a piece of furniture together or clean your home. Mindless tasks will help you prepare for the week ahead. Exercise. Movement is a natural antidepressant—schedule exercises every Sunday to boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Create a to-do list for Monday. Before you turn in for the night, jot down the most important things you need to do Monday morning. It will help you release your worries and organize your thoughts. Listen to the fear. Is your sense of impending doom telling you something? Try to understand what is troubling you and triggering the anxiety.

When to Seek Professional Help

If the Sunday scaries affect your ability to sleep or cause problems with your eating habits, it might indicate a high anxiety level. You might wish to engage a mental health professional for help with anxiety.

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