Be Prepared: What to Do After the Interview

Posted on 10/13 by Erin Helms

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A job interview calls for preparation. You put on your best clothes, polish the resume, and practice answering common interview questions. What you do following the job interview is equally essential. It can be the difference between a job offer and a rejection notice. You have prepared hard for the job interview, so do not let it slip away by neglecting vital post-interview steps.

Thank the Interviewer With a Note

This simple act speaks volumes. You can send it in an email, but it makes an even more significant impact when the note is handwritten. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and time, and try to personalize the message the best you can. The thank you letter will serve two functions: It will express your gratitude, and you will stay at the top of the interviewer’s mind. Ensure that your letter is not merely a reiteration of your skills and abilities. It should remind the interviewer why you are the person for the job. Include takeaways, mention a project that excites you, or remind the interviewer of your specific set of skills.

Follow Up

Send a short follow-up message. Avoid a long, wordy email that makes you look desperate and instead be succinct. A long email might be skimmed or not read, so keep it brief. If you have a timeframe in which the employer will make their decision, follow up if that time has passed. This action allows you to check in with the interviewer and get your name to the top of their inbox. In the message, include that you are interested in the position and offer to provide any additional information they might need.

Jot Down the Key Points

This action must be taken immediately after the end of the interview while it is all fresh in your mind. Write down key points or big questions asked as well as your answers to the questions. You might see these questions again, especially if this is the first interview. Make a note of things you wanted to say but did not get the chance to mention. You can bring these things up in the following interview or mention them in a thank you note. Also, consider what went well and what did not go smoothly. Use this information to practice and improve.

Have Patience

Waiting to hear back from a company is a stressful time. However, you must remember that everything takes time and is all part of the process. Although it is easy to replay the interview in your mind, avoid it, as it will only lead to frustration. You will find hundreds of things you did wrong in the discussion if you critically analyze them. Stick to analyzing only one or two things from the interview and then try to relax and be patient. Let LaborMAX help you find a satisfying and well-paying job.

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