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Posted on 01/26 by Erin Helms

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Forklift operators are certified warehouse and manufacturing professionals who control heavy machinery to move materials around a work site. Forklift operators play a vital role in keeping warehouses moving efficiently. Are you looking for a forklift operator job? Here is the skinny about being a forklift operator.

What You Will Do

Manufacturing and shipping companies, construction sites, and warehouses all employ forklift operators. As a forklift operator, you will track inventory, inspect goods, identify imperfections or damage, lift heavy materials onto pallets, and stack merchandise. Forklift operators handle different types of machinery, such as pallet jacks, order pickers, and side loaders. Operators must stay aware of hazards and record data about the products they are moving.

The Skills You Will Need

To be a successful forklift operator, you will need the necessary skills and qualifications to prepare you for the job. Examples of the skills and qualifications you might need include the following: High school diploma or GED Physical requirements Safety training certifications Ability to operate powered industrial machinery Must be over the age of 18

Education and Training

Most employers prefer forklift operators to have a high school diploma or a GED. Specialized certifications might be required depending on what items the operator might be moving, such as chemicals or dangerous items. The forklift operator might need to complete a training course on the machinery they will be using and then pass a test of their knowledge. Employers who hire forklift operators provide these courses and tests. Forklift operators who lack proper training create a dangerous work environment for themselves and their coworkers.


Forklift operators make an average salary of $17.68 per hour. This pay rate depends on education, experience, and geographical location.

Daily Duties of Forklift Operator

Forklift Operators typically work eight-hour shifts at various times during the day, with occasional overtime depending on the operating hours of the facility in which they work. A shift begins with an inspection of the equipment to ensure safe machinery operation, and the forklift operator repairs or requests service for their machine. An operator puts on safety equipment such as hard hats, gloves, and heavy-lifting braces. Operators arrange pallets and manage cargo.

Characteristics of a Great Forklift Operator

Skilled forklift operators are highly perceptive and constantly aware of their surroundings, allowing them to operate dangerous machinery safely. To work efficiently, great forklift operators memorize complex safety procedures and incorporate these procedures into their daily habits. These professionals are focused and have excellent stamina, which helps them keep up with the physical demands of loading heavy materials and working in fast-paced environments such as construction, manufacturing, or shipping. Time management skills enable forklift operators to complete their work efficiently. Are you interested in a forklift operator job? Contact LaborMAX and browse the multiple forklift operator positions currently available.

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