5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Warehouse Employees

Posted on 12/28 by Erin Helms

Keeping up with the demand for warehouse staff can be frustrating. Turnover is high, absenteeism runs rampant, and wages are on the rise. Add to that seasonal demand, demand crunches and the increase in online shopping. At the same time, when business is slow, or supply chain issues mean you can’t fill orders, you can end up overstaffed. That’s why working with a temporary staffing agency is an ideal solution for warehouse staffing.

Why Should Employers Hire Temporary Workers for Warehouse Positions?

A warehouse staffing agency is essential to your strategy to meet the demand for shipping parts and products on time and within budget. They can provide extra help when you’re at your busiest and make hiring easier while controlling costs. A warehouse temp agency can provide a variety of staffing options that can be customized to your needs and step in when you need specialized skills or to keep your team fresh and well-rested.

Additional Help for Peak Times

Your job is tough enough in the day today. When you have to ramp up for busy seasons like the holidays, it further adds to your challenges. And what happens if you over-hire and have too many workers when the season draws close? You end up with workers going idle or needing to do layoffs. That’s not good for anyone. Temporary warehouse workers could be just what you need. You can add a few extra hands to the line for a week or two or add a second shift for three months. There’s no limit to what you can do. Best of all, once you don’t need the extra help, just let your staffing agency know! No hard feelings. They inform their warehouse temps and redeploy them to their next assignment.

Hiring of Temporary Employees is Painless

Usually, when you’re ready to hire, the typical hiring process can be long and tedious. That might not be too disruptive in a business that hires only a handful of employees yearly. But keeping a warehouse fully staffed is a full-time job. Whether your warehouse is a part of your building or you operate a massive distribution center, you could have anywhere from dozens to thousands of positions to fill every year. That means posting positions, marketing them, screening applications, contacting applicants, interviewing them, verifying their skills, checking experience and references, deciding who to hire, notifying them, having them fill out new hire paperwork, onboarding, and training them. And if they turn down your offer, the cycle starts all over. Contrast this with working with a warehouse temp agency. Then the process goes more like sending an email that says, “Please send me five first-shift workers to start Monday.” Working with a temporary staffing agency means temp employees are readily available and ready to go.

Temporary Employees Help Save Costs

Hiring full-time employees can be very costly. With pay rates on the rise, temporary warehouse employees can substantially reduce your staffing expenses. When you hire permanent warehouse staff, hourly pay is not your only cost. Consider also how much benefits, taxes, unemployment, and workers’ compensation insurance add to your costs. It adds up fast. When you work with a temporary staffing agency, they act as the employer of record. That means they are fully responsible for all those various expenses, not to mention assuming all compliance and employment risks. All you pay is the agreed-upon hourly rate. What a great way to take control of your staffing costs!

Temporary Staffing Solutions

The name “temporary staffing agency” can be misleading because many do so much more, including temporary and temp-to-hire staffing and direct hire recruiting. That means you can use the same staffing firm to bring some temporary warehouse workers to help meet a tight deadline, try a warehouse supervisor on a temp-to-hire basis and recruit for warehouse management positions. Suppose you’re fortunate enough to have built a strong relationship with your warehouse staffing partner. What could be better than being able to reach out to them when you’re ready to hire instead of trying to break in a new provider for those opportunities? What are your Temporary Staffing Options? With many solutions to choose from, temporary staffing agencies give employers flexibility and control when hiring warehouse workers.

Temporary Staffing Services. One of the most popular choices for warehouse workers, temporary staffing services help companies keep up with variable workloads, busy seasons and tight deadlines. It provides access to warehouse temps whenever you need dependable, skilled, screened help.

Temporary-to-Hire. This option offered by temporary staffing agencies allows warehouse employers to hire with confidence. A qualified employee is provided to the company for them to assess their performance skills and fit before adding them to the full-time team. If they don’t meet expectations, the warehouse staffing agency can provide a replacement to try.

Direct Placement. When you have critical direct hire warehouse positions to fill, your warehouse recruiter can source suitable candidates for you. They take care of all the details, including screening, interviewing and reference-checking finalists. You will be presented with the top candidates to choose from.

Addition of Fresh Skills

When you bring in new employees, it’s like injecting a little life into your existing workforce. No one is ever as excited as when they start a new job. That kind of excitement is contagious and can help motivate and boost the morale of the current team. Temporary staff members have usually worked for many different businesses. They know how to hit the ground running from their first day. If you need warehouse workers with specific tough-to-find skills, temporary warehouse workers may be the ideal solution. Forklift drivers, for example, or CDL drivers are always in great demand, but with ongoing supply chain issues, you may not want them on your full-time payroll. With temporary services, you can bring in these skilled workers who may garner higher pay than typical warehouse workers without breaking the bank. Temporary warehouse workers can relieve some of the stress on core teams. When your warehouse has plenty of staff to keep up with demand, employees won’t need to work excessive overtime. When employees are stretched too thin, they are more prone to mistakes, stress and burnout ,which can harm both their work and home lives.

Set Your Worries Aside-Partner with a Warehouse Staffing Agency

The world-class warehouse staffing services offered by LaborMAX help employers like you sleep better at night. Our warehouse temps are reliable and thoroughly screened. They come to your business on time and ready to work. Any less and we’ll be happy to send you a replacement. No matter where your warehouse or distribution center is located, we can help. LaborMAX is a nationwide staffing agency with ready-to-deploy warehouse temps all over the country. Warehouse Temp Positions We Fill Include: •Class A CDL Driver •Delivery Truck Helper •Forklift Driver •General Labor •Laborer •Material Handler/Packager •Warehouse Associate •Warehouse Worker Partner With LaborMAX for Temporary Warehouse Staffing LaborMAX can add flexibility to your workforce to increase productivity while holding down expenses. With more than 132 branches in 33 states nationwide (and growing), you will always have access to a local business partner. There’s no better way to augment your workforce with the warehouse staff you need to keep your business running at its peak. You’ll never need to worry about meeting tight deadlines, getting shipments delivered on time and rising to the challenge of new projects or accelerated growth. LaborMAX can quickly provide warehouse workers who are screened, skilled, and safety trained.

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